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How the Litecoin Halving Will Affect the LTC Price


BewertungThe long-awaited Litecoin halving is coming on the 5th of August and it is an event that the crypto community expects to have a significant impact on the LTC price. A rule built into the code of the cryptocurrency will…

Litecoin Foundation Introduces a New Crypto Debit Card


BewertungAfter several big news that made Litecoin one of the most attractive investments in 2019, the next innovation is a new crypto debit card. On June 18, in an official statement, the Litecoin Foundation announced the launch of the Litecoin…

Litecoin price prediction: Experts see LTC at $220 thanks to the halving


Bewertung2019 was a spectacular year for the Litecoin Foundation, which is reflected in the highly positive Litecoin price prediction of many experts. Previously, the cryptocurrency had often been criticized for its lack of innovation. This year, due to countless innovations…

Extensive LTC Analysis: Litecoin Price & Forecast 2019


BewertungAfter the Litecoin (LTC) price has gained new momentum, it is about time for an LTC analysis. In the night of February 8th, the Litecoin price suddenly shot up by more than 10% (to $38) despite the bear market and…